We help ambitious hardware startups to succeed

We offer capital, manufacturing resources, distribution support and much more to help hardware startups accelerate their growth.

Getting a hardware startup to succeed is hard. At HardwarePro, we want to be your best partner and do our best to tackle your challenges with you.

At HardwarePro, we always think deep and hard about how we can really help startup founders at different stages. In most cases, we know funding is not the answer.

Startups need more than a few OEM intros, or a generic community newsletter. Startups need hands-on help. We know we cannot do everything to help startups. That is why we believe in collaboration, and we always think about how we can work with different partners to add true value for startups.


We are a firm believer in communities. In a community, you can get help, and you can learn from your peers and support each other. That is why we participate in and support different hardware and IoT meetup events.

We also work closely with Source Institute to create workshops and materials that can help startups to validate their ideas in the lean-startup way.


Universities and maker-spaces offer great facilities for startups in the early stage to iterate products locally. We don’t suggest you think about China until you’ve finalised your hardware design. That is why we work closely with local partners to help you prototype, until you’ve got your working prototype accomplished.
Our HardwarePro LaunchPad is also a great acceleration event for helping startups at this stage to get assistance from hardware experts and to iterate towards the product-market fit.


The production phase is when we feel we can add the most value for you. We’ve designed our China FastTrack programme specially for companies at this stage.

Over three months, we help companies to get ready for production and investment in China. We know how difficult and terrifying it is for startups to begin working with Asian partners for production. By coordinating the best resources in manufacturing, capital and distribution in both Europe and China, we want to make this transition as smooth as possible.


After building the first batch of products that early customers like, it is time to think how to sell more. We work closely with our portfolio companies to come up with a feasible distribution strategy.

We are also building partnerships with major online and offline retailers in both Europe and China to help hardware startups scale.


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We just announced our 2016 Hardware LaunchPad events in three cities: London, Manchester and Tallinn. During our two-day acceleration programme, we offer workshops and office hours focusing on important topics, including fundraising, crowdfunding, prototyping, manufacturing, product design and more. We will also select 10 of the best teams in the regions for each event. Each of these teams receives free tickets. You also have the opportunity to pitch your product or service in front of industry experts and investors from your region. The regional winner receives a secret Hardware book bundle (of three books, value up to £100) from O’Reilly and a final interview spot for Microsoft Azure 2016 IoT Innovation programme.

The programme will only accept seven teams this year, and the application process is extremely competitive. Once you get into the programme, you receive access to products and services valuing £120K, including Microsoft Azure Cloud, three months of support from Microsoft’s IoT cloud experts, and access to Microsoft’s ventures, partnership network and more. If you win the regional battlefield, you skip the competitive application process and get a spot for a final interview with the IoT Innovation programme committee.

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